Laser running cost decreased by 40% plus

Choosing our new laser was straight forward and we did not have to look in the market which may seem strange to some people but since purchasing our first Laser an Amada X1 which was built by Mitsubishi for Amada we found that the machine’s performance was outstanding. After having that machine for a number of years the machine speed, quality of cut and the reliability were all important factors for us.

So when we wanted to replace that machine the natural way forward was to purchase a Mitsubishi ML3015 LVP with 4.5Kw Mitsubishi laser source.

As we are a job shop who laser cut, fold, weld etc. we try to do as much in house as we possibly can to give the customer a full service. So it is important for us to keep up with technology and we decided that we would go down the Fiber route to be more competitive in this moving market with a machine that not only cuts faster but also the piercing times are incredible in comparison

We have now been using the machine for 5 months and trouble free. Also the running cost of the machine decreased by 40%+ due to lower power and gas consumption. We don’t have to replace the consumables on a regular basis, we still have the original protective window on the cutting head where other people said that these have to be replaced weekly or more on other machines.

In summary we are delighted with the machine and would say that we are much stronger in the market and are happy to quote prices for comparison to companies looking for well-engineered products.

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