Campbell Laser Cutters Ltd – Adrian Campbell

We went through various stages of choosing a new machine and decided that the correct machine for us was the Mitsubishi ML3015eX 4Kw CO2. The machine copes fantastically with everything that we process on it and easily moves between different material types without any issues giving us a first class cut quality. This has proven to be the absolute correct decision as the machine has shown to be the most reliable laser that we have ever had. Within the 4 years we have had the machine I can say that it has not missed a beat and the only down time that we have had is for servicing. Even the consumables have been long lasting with us only on our 3rd lens in the 4 years of operation. We are delighted with the purchase and based on the cutting quality and uptime we have had with the Mitsubishi machine it will be our first choice in future purchases.

  • Company: Campbell Laser Cutters Ltd – Job shop
  • Location: Chatham
  • Name: Adrian Campbell
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  • Phone: 01634 818444