Dream team: G-Bend Plus 3175 & G-Turbo Bend

We were initially looking into purchasing two bending machines and accidentally came across Simpson Technology Ltd which has been beneficial for us since we have now purchased two Boschert Gizelis bending machines which Simpson Technology are the agents for in the UK. It was a pleasure dealing with someone who understands the requirements and business and not just selling a piece of machinery.

We have had the machines installed now for some months and to date we have had no issues whatsoever as the machinesĀ  are well engineered for reliability and longevity.

The large machine which is 3m x 175 ton is truly a 3 metre machine as it has 3 metres between the frames which means we did not have to go for a 4 metre machine to compensate the distance between the frames. Our operators find the large machine fantastic due to the bending assist function as this takes the load for them. We have also noticed the accuracy of this machine is far greater than our previous machine which makes life so much easier due to the required fit up of our components.

The small machine is just incredibly fast that the operator does struggle to keep up with the machine. For us doing some of our smaller forming it is literally done in a flash which means we can increase our capacity along with the fantastic accuracy in our business resulting in very little rework, if any at all.

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