Han’s Fiber Laser – Less for very much more

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Why we bought a Han’s Laser. Based upon our visit, and a subsequent visit we made in October 2018 we decided to order a 4020HF model with 8 KW IPG resonator. We finalized the order in late October and by the end of December the machine had arrived in the port of Long Beach, ready for installation. We ended up buying the machine for circa. $400,000 less than the others with the same IPG resonator. That’s a big number considering the following points:

IPG Photonics laser source. Han’s Laser uses IPG Photonics laser source, the same as most of the machine manufacturers.

Quality. The machines are made to a High-Quality Standard. Han’s Laser are using German Bosch Rexroth drives and guides and are also ISO certified and CE approved.

Speed. Han’s Laser is twice as fast as the some of its competitors’ machines on axis speed and acceleration.

Price. The difference is a great deal of money when the heart of the laser is the IPG Laser source, it is exactly the same on a Han’s Laser as the other competitors’ machines, additionally they are IPG Photonics largest worldwide customer which gives greater buying power.


What has happened since the purchase? In January 2019 we got the machine and Han’s Laser had two people to install it and we haven’t had any real issues since then, any small issues have been dealt with immediately.


Summarised…We like the Han’s Laser and the people. It allowed us to add a new capability of larger sheets with a travel of 4M x 2M and with the speed of cutting using the 8 KW IPG resonator is allowing us to charge over $500 an hour on the Han’s Laser. No issues on operating the machine either as it is very intuitive. Our next purchase we plan to buy a Hans Tube laser. We already have a Mazak tube laser, so we think the Han’s Laser is a good complement for it. I would say also buy as big a machine as you can. Our building is small so a 4020 size was the biggest we could fit. If we had more room, I would have gone a 6mx2.5m as Han’s Laser only charges $50,000 or so difference to go this big, there is no substitute for size. In reality we would not have bought this size and power of machine from a Japanese or European supplier as the price tag for me comparing it to Co2 was pay more for less, Co2 is more complex in comparison which made no sense to me. The Han’s Laser has allowed us to offer a unique capability to our customers where I can now say, “Less for very much more”, less investment at a truly sensible market price for very much more productivity.

Han’s Laser is one way to go. Not all Chinese laser companies are the same for sure, and if you go down that road, Han’s Laser is a good choice to make in our experience.

  • Company: Serra Laser and Waterjet Inc.
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