Mitsubishi Laser is up to 10 times faster than previous machine

We were in the market to upgrade our existing laser machine, and a flyer came through from Simpson Technology showing a pre-owned Mitsubishi laser. We didn’t know that Mitsubishi made lasers and after investigating this we found out that they have been in the laser game for decades but it was not heavily promoted in the UK until now.

We were very keen to look at the Mitsubishi Laser as we are an OEM with first-hand experience of using Mitsubishi products in all our equipment and have never had an issue with the reliability.

As a next step we invited Simpson Technology along to discuss the machine and decided that we would go and look at the laser which was in a well maintained condition. The company where the machine was situated was a job shop who had decided to buy a Mitsubishi Fiber machine for speed. For us this was a win-win situation as we have our own product so speed is not critical, quality is more important especially as we only cut stainless steel and manufacture machines for the food industry. We purchased the machine from Scott and it’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with him and his team who looked after everything including installing and training.

Now that the machine is installed we are delighted with the speed which was not a big part of our criteria but we now see a whole sheet of 8mm stainless steel being cut in 45 minutes instead of taking all day on our old machine. The quality of cut on stainless steel is very good and much better than our expectations. Our old machine has gone to our other company based in Rochdale but now having seen just how good the Mitsubishi is I don’t think it will be long before we replace it.

Watch high speed laser in action:

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