Mitsubishi releases New Powerful 6kW Fiber Laser

Posted on: 20th April 2016

In the past Fiber lasers were suitable for a high quality fusion cut on thin material with many limitations but now with higher power Fiber lasers that is no longer the case and have become much more flexible in their processing capability. Now with the new 6kW Fiber laser from Mitsubishi Electric it provides high speed and quality on thin material and also high quality on thick material, the high power 6Kw is now available along with its 4Kw counterpart on the following machines

ML3015eX-F60 (3m x 1.5m)
ML4020RX-F60 (4m x 2m)

How the 6kW Fiber laser oscillator improves processing quality:

  • Enhanced processing speed from thin through to thick plate.
  • Increased maximum thickness. Thickness to 25mm of stainless and aluminium can be processed.
  • Improved productivity of mild steel 10mm with O2 gas by F-CUT® application.



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